Terrain Strategic Integrated Marketing

Business & Strategic Planning / Brand Strategy Development

Terrain believes marketing is a holistic endeavor, beginning with defining who we are and what we intend to do. When you become a marketing organization, the entire organization is empowered to focus on your customers and stakeholders. Customer service representatives can advocate for delivering ongoing value and accounting departments can see themselves as an integral part of brand stewardship.

Business Planning
Business planning is a critical tool because it bridges the gap between what is dreamed and what is achievable. From new product development within a large corporation to start-ups, the Terrain business planning process focuses on what’s important – meeting real customer demand with real value.

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Strategic Planning
Terrain works with companies to integrate strategic and business planning with executable marketing and communications plans – plans that meet budgetary requirements and sales and marketing team capacity.

We adhere to industry best practices, such as:

  1. Setting SMART goals across focused initiatives;
  2. Connecting management MBOs to corporate programs; and
  3. Establishing measurable ROI for each strategic initiative.

Our strategic planning process has four steps:

  1. Discovery – background and market research
  2. Market Analysis – executive interviews, customer engagement, and competitive intelligence
  3. Executive Sessions – SWOT analysis, industry trends, and key success factors
  4. Findings and Plan Development – market review and brainstorming

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A completed plan should be no more than 3-5 pages with supporting documentation. We like to keep it short to make it easier to share with your organization. This is a key factor in the success of a strategic plan. Want to know more about our approach? Please call or email Evan Scott today.

Brand Strategy Development
Quoting Alina Wheeler in Designing Brand Identity, “The brand identity process is a proven and disciplined method for creating and implementing an identity. It is a rigorous process demanding a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills.”

But what, exactly, is the right definition of brand identity. Is it the logo? The company promise? Is it the ethos of what makes the company tick? Of course, the answer is yes. And often executive management is led astray by a less than comprehensive explanation and understanding of why they should invest in brand identity. In most instances, consumer products companies understand and embrace branding. B2B companies and other organizations have a harder time and, sometimes, with good reason. We’ve seen some companies burned by the wrong approach or bad execution.

Terrain’s focus is on the foundations of brand identity – research and strategy clarification. As a starting point, let us say here that we recommend Wheeler’s book to all chief executives and their direct reports. Too often branding is relegated to marketing communications who are then charged with convincing the executive suite to invest in brand identity. That's the wrong approach. Brand identity should be a primary concern of executive suites.

But, enough here – let’s talk. Contact Evan Scott to learn more about our approach and to let us know what you think.